CSU 2016 By-Elections, November 15, 16 and 17

General Information



Nomination Period       October 17-28
Campaigning Period    November 1-14
Polling Period                November 15-17

Seats Information

Council Of Representatives

5 Seats in Arts and Science

1 Seats in Fine Arts

3 Seats in John Molson School of Business

2 Seats for Independent Students

Referendum Questions

(The CEO reserves the right to change the format of any question if it is deemed prejudicial to the outcome of the referendum).

A Referendum committee formation meeting will take place on November 1st , at 6:15pm at the CSU small lounge.

Concordia University Investments – Do you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, agree with Divest Concordia’s demand that Concordia University remove all its investments that are currently tied to the fossil fuel and related industries and reinvest this money in a socially and environmentally responsible manner?

Fossil Fuels Divestment Campaign – Do you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, mandate the Concordia Student Union to actively support the fossil fuels divestment campaign until such time as Concordia University commits to full divestment from fossil fuels and related industries?

Quebec Public Research Interest Group (QPIRG) – Do you agree to increase the fee levy of QPIRG Concordia by 8 cents per credit to a total of 39 cents per credit indexed to inflation in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for Canada, effective January 2017?

Important Dates

Referendum Committee Formation –  CSU small lounge, November 1st at 6:15pm

Nominee Info Session – CSU Cafeteria, November 1st at 6:30 pm


 To reach the CEO for more information:

Contact ceo@csu.qc.ca

Polling stations:

  • Hall Building Lobby
  • Hall 4th floor
  • Webster Library Atrium
  • EV Lobby
  • MB Lobby
  • Visual Arts Lobby
  • SP Lobby
  • AD Main Floor
  • Vanier Library
  • CJ Building Lobby

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