CSU By-Elections 2017

Referendum Information

1. SSAELC Referendum Question



Do you as a CSU member agree with amending special by-law I (as outlined in the document provided at the polling booths) such that any expense above $250,000 for the use of student space (including purchase, renovation, lease) must be approved or mandated by referendum.

2. CFC Referendum Question





The Concordia Food Coalition exists to facilitate the transition of Concordia’s food system to a more just and sustainable one. The CFC funds and incubates student-led projects that deal with food sovereignty and food-
related sustainability (projects such as The Hive Cafe, Campus Potager, and the Concordia Farmer’s Market); organizes educational programming regarding food related issues throughout the year to engage the Concordia community; and supports the creation of a sustainable food system at Concordia by prioritizing collaborations with other food initiatives on campus. As demand grows for our services, a fee levy increase would allow the CFC to continue to grow as an organization by supporting new working groups, further developingintrauniversity collaborations that promote and create a sustainable food system, and provide internship, job, and experiential learning opportunities for students.

Do you agree to increase the fee levy of the Concordia Food Coalition by $0.08 per credit to a total of $0.16 per credit, effective Winter 2018? 




3. Internship Referendum Question



Certain programs in Concordia University, such as Applied Human Sciences, Education, and

Art Education, have obligatory internships with the condition that they be unpaid.

Are you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, in favor of Concordia University removing the requirement that these internships be unpaid



4. Internship Referendum Question 2




In the process of seeking internships, some Concordia students face more difficulty than others due to the fact that there is no standardized method of internship support or placement protocol at Concordia. Some Concordia departments provide lots of support, ensuring students gain valuable experience, while other departments do not.

Are you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, in favor of Concordia University establishing an equal and equitable standardized system and placement protocol for all student internships? 


5. Positions Referendum Question



Are you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, in favour of the Concordia Student Union adding the following positions to the CSU Positions Book?




That the CSU opposes racism in all forms and rejects all values, structures and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism;



That the CSU actively works to dismantle racist systems, policies, and practices, locally 
and globally, including within the Union;



That the CSU support anti-racist work on campus and in the broader community by 
actively identifying and challenging racism, and changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices and attitudes with the goal of establishing greater equity;



That the CSU recognizes that systemic racism differs from individual acts of racism by 
the presence of systemic policies, practices and economic and political structures which place minority racial and ethnic groups at a relative disadvantage. 


6. Bill 62 Question




Bill 62, which requires people in Quebec who wear the niqab, burka or other face-covering to uncover their faces when they give or receive any public service, including public education, health-care and public transit, was adopted into law on October 19, 2017. This legislation also allows public institutions to refuse religious accommodation, such as taking a day off school to celebrate a religious holiday.

Are you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, in favour of Concordia University refusing to enforce this law and to support students, staff and faculty who choose to practice their right to religious freedom? 



Contact nroberts@csu.qc.ca for any inquiries


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